August 21, 2009

CONTEMPORARY OZONE APPLICATIONS – Dr. Kurt (medical ozone) Donsbach


In order to appreciate ozone one must first understand fully the critical role that oxygen plays. Oxygen is by far the most

important necessity of human life. It performs hundreds of tasks in the body, but the two most important are energy

production and detoxification.

The production of energy in the body is accomplished by the combination of glucose with oxygen, producing ATP. The body makes

an amount of ATP equivalent to your body weight every 24 hours. If you make 10% less ATP than normal, you will feel tired and

sluggish. If ATP production falls too far, you will deteriorate rapidly, and die. Energy is life and the production of energy

in the body depends upon oxygen.

The second important function of oxygen is to combine with metabolic waste products to allow their elimination from the body.

This process is called the oxidation-reduction cycle. When insufficient oxygen is available, the detoxification process slows

down, wastes pile up, circulation becomes sluggish, oxygen is prevented from reaching the cells and disease results. Thus, we

can see that oxygen is essential to these two vital phases of life.

Since oxygen is the most critical requirement for life, the ingestion of substances that increase the level of oxygen in the

body are the most beneficial to optimum health. The best sources of oxygen are ozone, hydrogen peroxide and magnesium


Ozone treatment is safe because healthy cells are surrounded by an enzyme coating, which ozone does not penetrate. Bacteria

and viruses have no such coatings and are oxidized on contact by ozone. Ozone also promotes the production of glutathione

peroxidase, catalase, reductase and super-oxide dismutase which are the anti-oxidant enzymes in the cell and therefore

cellular immunity is enhanced.

Ozone also has a measurable benefit on the uptake and utilization of oxygen through improved glycolysis in red blood cells,

reduction of clumping of red blood cells and the stimulation of mitochondrial respiration. This improved cellular respiration

is invaluable in preventing cancer.

Cancer begins when a normal cell cannot get enough oxygen. If the level of oxygen available falls below 40%, in order to

survive, the cell will begin to ferment sugar instead of burn it. This process is irreversible, and results in an energy

output only 1/6 as great as oxidation. The cell then lacks the energy to manufacture a proper enzyme coating around itself.

The governor on cell replication is switched off, and the cell can begin to make copies of itself wildly. This ungoverned

cell replication is called cancer.

When ozone is introduced into the area, it immediately attacks the unhealthy cells because they lack a proper enzyme coating.

Healthy cells are untouched. If sufficient ozone is administered over time, the tumor will be dissolved.

The applications of medical ozone include performance enhancement, increased longevity, accelerated wound healing, dentistry,

heart disease, all infections, treatment of all gastroenteric diseases, immune stimulation, treatment of all cancers, and

gerontology. Ozone also combines well with intravenous chelation therapy which is used to treat arterial disease or heavy

metal toxicity. Chelation therapy works quite slowly through a number of infusions, and adding ozone can speed this process


Ozone provides an immediate oxygen boost to heart tissue which can noticeably reduce the incidence of angina. It also

improves brain function, because the brain uses over 15% of all the oxygen in the body.

The naso-pharyngeal area is often the site of chronic minor infections which become acute in cycles. Chronic sinusitis is

probably one of the most common maladies of today. The introduction of ozone into the ear canals can be of great benefit in

reducing such chronic infections.

Another method of getting ozone into the body is with the use of a closed, one-person steam sauna. Since the pores will be

open in the moist heat, ozone can be easily absorbed in large amounts through the skin very safely.

The use of ozone for medical therapy is well-established and is being vigorously pursued by many enlightened clinicians. It

has an excellent safety record and no toxic side effects have been observed in millions of treatments over nearly 100 years.

As technology develops, new techniques will undoubtedly emerge that will enlarge the scope of the effective use of this

healing modality.

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Note: Certain types of use of Ozone by doctors is controversial in some states in the US so please check local laws. The information presented here is for educational, historical, and research purposes only. Our ozone generators are sold as water purifiers and you have the right to use them as you see fit in the privacy of your home. Click Ozone Steam Sauna for more info on our systems.