August 23, 2009

Thirteen Major Effects of Ozone On The Human Body – Dr. Frank Shallenberger (ozone therapy)

Thirteen Major Effects of Ozone On The Human Body – Dr. Frank Shallenberger

1. Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells. These cells protect the body from viruses, bacteria, fungi and

cancer. Deprived of oxygen, these cells malfunction. They fail to eliminate invaders and even turn against normal, healthy

cells (allergic reactions). Ozone significantly raises the oxygen levels in the blood for long periods after ozone

administration; as a result, allergies have a tendency to become desensitized.

2. Interferon levels are significantly increased. Interferons are globular proteins that orchestrate every aspect of the

immune system. Some interferons are produced by cells infected by viruses. These interferons warn adjacent, healthy cells of

the likelihood of infection; in turn, they are rendered nonpermissive host cells, inhibiting viral replication. Other

interferons are produced in the muscles, connective tissue and by white blood cells. Levels of gamma interferon can be

elevated 400-900% by ozone. This interferon is involved in the control of phagocytic cells that engulf and kill pathogens and

abnormal cells. Synthetic interferons are FDA approved for the treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B and C, Genital Warts (caused

by Papilloma virus, Hairy-cell Leukemia, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Granulomatous

Disease. Interferons are currently in clinical trials for Throat Warts (caused by Papilloma virus), HIV infection, Chronic

Myelogenous Leukemia Leukemia, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Colon tumors, Kidney tumors, Bladder Cancer, Malignant Melanoma, Basal

Cell Carcinoma and Leishmaniasis. While levels induced by ozone remain safe, interferon levels that are FDA-approved (and in

clinical trials) are extremely toxic.

3. Ozone stimulates the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor. TNF is produced by the body when a tumor is growing. The greater

the mass of the tumor the more tumor necrosis factor is produced (up to a point). When a tumor has turned metastatic, cancer

cells are breaking off and being carried away by the blood and lymph, allowing the tumor to take up residence elsewhere in

the body. These lone cancer cells have little chance of growing due to the TNF produced to inhibit the original tumor. When

the tumor is removed surgically TNF levels drop dramatically and new tumors emerge from seemingly healthy tissue.

4. Ozone stimulates the secretion of IL-2. Interleukin-2 is one of the cornerstones of the immune system, secreted by

T-helpers. In a process known as autostimulation, the IL-2 then binds to a receptor on the T-helper and causes it to produce

more IL-2. Its main duty is to induce lymphocytes to differentiate and proliferate, yielding more T-helpers, T-suppressors,

cytotoxic T’s, T-delayeds and T-memory cells.

5. Ozone kills most bacteria at low concentrations. The metabolism of most bacteria is on average one-seventeenth as

efficient as our own. Because of this, most cannot afford to produce disposable anti-oxidant enzymes such as catalase. Very

few types of bacteria can live in an environment composed of more than two percent ozone.

6. Ozone is effective against all types of fungi. This includes systemic Candida albicans, athlete’s foot, molds, mildews,

yeasts and even mushrooms.

7. Ozone is the best virucide. As discussed above, ozone goes after the viral particles directly. The part of the virus most

sensitive to oxidation is the “reproductive structure”. This is how the virons enter the cell. With this structure

inactivated, the virus is essentially “dead”. Cells already infected have a natural weakness to ozone. Due to the metabolic

burden of the infection the cells can no longer produce the protective enzymes necessary to deal with the ozone and repair

the cell.

8. Ozone is antineoplastic. This means that ozone inhibits the growth of new tissue because rapidly dividing cells shift

their priorities away from producing the enzymes needed to protect themselves from the ozone. Cancer cells are rapidly

dividing cells and are thus inhibited by ozone.

9. Ozone oxidizes arterial plaque. It breaks down the plaque involved in both Arteriosclerosis and Atherosclerosis. This

means ozone has a tendency to clear blockages of small and even large vessels. This allows for better tissue oxygenation in

deficient organs.

10. Ozone increases the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells. When one views a red blood cell under a microscope, it

looks like a disc. In the capillaries, where they pick-up (lungs) and release (tissue) oxygen, these discs stretch out into

the shape of an oval or umbrella. This aids their passage through the tiny capillaries and makes the exchange of gas more

efficient. The increase in flexibility of the RBC’s allows oxygen levels to stay elevated for days, or even weeks after

treatment with ozone.

11. Ozone accelerates the Citric Acid Cycle. Also known as the Kreb’s Cycle or TCA Cycle, this is a very important step in

the glycolysis of carbohydrate for energy. This takes place in the mitochondria of the cell. Most of the energy stored in

glucose (sugar) is converted in this pathway.

12. Ozone makes the anti-oxidant enzyme system more efficient. Cells respond to the beneficial oxidative stress by increasing

their production of the protective enzymes.

13. Ozone breaks down petrochemicals. These chemicals have a potential to place a great burden on the immune system. They

also worsen and even cause allergies and are detrimental to your long-term health.

What’s the story on Ozone in the Air? – Brenda Myers 

Ozone is perhaps the most misunderstood component of the air we breathe. Ozone is nature’s purifier, and no amount of

propaganda from vested interests can change that fact. Ozone is the best air cleaner available for ridding a home of mould,

mildew, bacteria, odors and aerosol pollutants.

Indoor air pollution is a growing concern for many people. Untreated, recirculated air containing hydrocarbons, tobacco

smoke, kerosene fumes, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, dust and mites is increasingly being blamed for health problems. Even

small amounts of these pollutants will cause adverse effects if the duration of exposure is long enough.

In a series of studies published in 1976, the Soviet Department of Health established many important facts concerning the use

of ozone in closed indoor environments. They found that after five months of continuous daily exposure to ozone levels of

.015 ppb, symptoms of sick building syndrome vanished. Also, immune potential was increased, blood pressure readings

improved, oxygen content in blood rose, and stress levels dropped. The overall effect was very close to that experienced by

taking a brisk two hour walk in a park daily.

Additional Soviet studies by the Institute of Child and Adolescent Hygiene showed that injection of ozone into school HVAC

systems had similarly positive results. In controlled tests, 69% of the students exposed to a level of .015 ppb ozone

decreased the amount of time required to complete tasks requiring high levels of concentration. In addition, researchers

observed favorable changes in the functions of external respiration, increases in mental reserve capacity and overall

increases in the children’s state of health.

It is important to keep your home free of hazardous aerosol pollutants. Small amounts of ozone are extremely effective at

purifying and revitalizing indoor air. Filtration in combination with ozonation is an even more efficacious route to take,

albeit more expensive, and requiring more periodic maintenance.

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Note: Certain types of use of Ozone by doctors is controversial in some states in the US so please check local laws. The information presented here is for educational, historical, and research purposes only. Our ozone generators are sold as water purifiers and you have the right to use them as you see fit in the privacy of your home. Click Ozone Steam Sauna for more info on our systems.