Ozone is perhaps the most misunderstood component of the air we breathe. Ozone is nature's purifier, and no amount of propaganda from vested interests can change that fact. Ozone is the best air cleaner available for ridding a home of mould, mildew, bacteria, odors and aerosol pollutants.

Indoor air pollution is a growing concern for many people. Untreated, recirculated air containing hydrocarbons, tobacco smoke, kerosene fumes, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, dust and mites is increasingly being blamed for health problems. Even small amounts of these pollutants will cause adverse effects if the duration of exposure is long enough.

In a series of studies published in 1976, the Soviet Department of Health established many important facts concerning the use of ozone in closed indoor environments. They found that after five months of continuous daily exposure to ozone levels of .015 ppb, symptoms of sick building syndrome vanished. Also, immune potential was increased, blood pressure readings improved, oxygen content in blood rose, and stress levels dropped. The overall effect was very close to that experienced by taking a brisk two hour walk in a park daily.

Additional Soviet studies by the Institute of Child and Adolescent Hygiene showed that injection of ozone into school HVAC systems had similarly positive results. In controlled tests, 69% of the students exposed to a level of .015 ppb ozone decreased the amount of time required to complete tasks requiring high levels of concentration. In addition, researchers observed favorable changes in the functions of external respiration, increases in mental reserve capacity and overall increases in the children's state of health.

It is important to keep your home free of hazardous aerosol pollutants. Small amounts of ozone are extremely effective at purifying and revitalizing indoor air. Filtration in combination with ozonation is an even more efficacious route to take, albeit more expensive, and requiring more periodic maintenance.

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Note: The use of Ozone by doctors is illegal in some states in the US so please check local laws, information presented here is for educational, historical, and research purposes only.

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