OZONE IN CUBA - Nathaniel Altman

Since 1985, Cuban physicians and chemists have carried out the most extensive laboratory and clinical studies of medical ozone in the world, making Cuba the world leader in medical ozone therapy. Despite severely limited resources, Cuban scientists have accumulated an impressive amount of scientific and clinical data about medical ozone, and have reported their findings at both regional and international medical conferences, most recently in Havana in March, 1997.

This research has been carried out under the auspices of the Department of Ozone, a branch of the National Center for Scientific Research in Havana. Physicians are actively using ozone in clinics and hospitals as part of the National Program for Ozone Therapy. Between 1985 and 1994, over 25,000 Cuban patients were treated in medical institutions throughout the country, as well as many foreigners. During 1994, the Department of Ozone relocated to a spacious new facility in south Havana.

Cuban physicians currently use the following protocols:

1) Major autohemotherapy: angina, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, herpes, HIV

2) Rectal insufflation : for persons whose veins are too hard to find

3) Limb bagging : burns, fungus, gangrene, skin ulcers, wounds

4) Direct injection : circulatory problems, into joints for arthritis

5) Ozonated sunflower oil : acne, athlete's foot, bee stings, bed sores, fistulae, fungus, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, herpes, vaginitis, dermatitis, ulcers, gastritis, giardia

Published studies carried out in Cuba include the following:

  • Arthrosis (1990) : 89% of 208 patients reported complete disappearance of pain
  • Atherosclerosis (1988) : 73% of 30 patients exhibited marked improvement
  • Athlete's foot : 96% of 100 patients symptom-free in 10 days with ozonated olive oil
  • Burns : 25 patients received autohemotherapy. No infections or inflammation resulted.
  • Diabetes : 93% of 47 diabetics avoided surgery for ischemic legs
  • Duodenal ulcer : 80% of 20 patients were healed with ozonated water
  • Eye diseases : 85% of 40 patients with optic atrophy experienced marked improvement
  • Giardia : 92% of 50 patients treated with ozonated water were cured
  • Herpes zoster : 15 adults treated for one year were cured of symptoms
  • Hypercholesterolemia (1987) : In 22 patients, LDL cholesterol levels fell by 19.8%
  • Ischemic cerebro-vascular disease (1988): 88% of 120 patients had significant improvement
  • Osteoarthritis : 93% of 60 patients became symptom free after 10 weeks
  • Retinitis pigmentosa (1985): 89% of 200 patients improved for 2 years after treatment
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (1988):17 patients improved with intramuscular ozone injections
  • Senile dementia : 85% of 30 patients markedly improved with rectal insufflation
  • Sickle cell anemia (1989) : 30 patients had great improvement in their condition
  • Varicose ulcers : 120 patients were cured in 15 - 30 days

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    Note: The use of Ozone by doctors is illegal in some states in the US so please check local laws, information presented here is for educational, historical, and research purposes only.
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