Ozone has recently become the treatment of choice by progressive doctors for serious diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and immune deficiencies. With a series of ozone injections, or ozone steam sauna treatments, coupled with exercise, dietary changes, emotional counseling, various cleanses and herbal remedies, great strides have been made in dealing with many of the most serious diseases.

Unfortunately, less attention has been paid to the use of ozone for prevention of diseases. However, the increasing financial instability of our Medicare system may soon force the issue. As Canada drifts closer to the American style system of user-pay, Canadians will increasingly consider preventive health measures in order to lower their own personal costs.

This is where ozone can help in the home. Taken on a regular basis in drinking water, in the ear, by insufflation, or in an ozone steam sauna, ozone safely cleanses bodily fluids of stored toxins, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. Cleaning the body in this way and keeping it clean over the years will go a long way towards optimizing health and preventing both degenerative diseases and also communicable diseases. This will end the need for vaccination and inoculation, with their appalling tendency to cause the diseases they were meant to prevent. There will also be no need for antibiotics and tranquilizers, with their damaging side effects and mixed results.

There will be no reason to fear epidemics of meningitis, fleas-eating strep bacteria, toxoplasmosis, hamburger disease, Ebola virus, Hanta virus, etc., that are trumpeted by the media. And, of course, no reason to pay any attention to the endless cancer scare stories.

In the future, it is our hope that ozone will routinely treat and prevent all of these diseases. When the public becomes aware of its power, then prevention will become the watchword, and the general health of Canadians will improve while costs plummet. This is the future of prevention.

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Note: The use of Ozone by doctors is illegal in some states in the US so please check local laws, information presented here is for educational, historical, and research purposes only.

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